Black Max Acculine Tester Model

  • Black Max Acculine Tester Model

Black Max Acculine Tester Model

$3,800.00 USD


Capacity 200# X 1#

High Range 20# X 0.1#

Low Range with 9" Hand Wheel.

The XL model is 8" longer than the original BM-AT-150 to accommodate the space required for increased line stretch and increased capacity.
Description: The Black Max Acculine XL Tester™ Model accurately tests the breaking point of all fishing line up to 200#. Built especially for the Sport Fishing Industry and for professional fishermen worldwide, The Black Max Acculine Tester™ Model MEETS ALL IGFA REQUIREMENTS and comes pre-certified for one year and is renewable annually. If you are seeking acceptance as an IGFA World Record holder, every knot, crimp, and line weight will be tested by the IGFA. Don’t let your world record slip away due to a technicality.  Use the Black Max Acculine Tester™ Model to test your line before you head out.


Line, crimp, drag and knot test range from 0-200# in the High Range in one pound increments and 0-20# in the Low Range in 0.1# increments. Includes push button zero, pound/kilogram conversion, peak hold locks, auto shut-off, fully digital system, low battery indicator, rechargeable NICAD batteries, AC charger, black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, and fully portable with a waterproof carrying case. Each unit is custom manufactured and individually hand-tooled in the USA, and includes a one year manufacturers warranty and a one year calibration certification. Meets National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST) Guidelines, and exceeds International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) requirements.

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